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For businesses wanting to get more reviews & top star ratings

HOW TO Easily Attract MORE Sales & CLIENTS BY GETTING Reviews & TOP RATINGS on Autopilot

from real clients without extra work or over-priced software!

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Stop Losing Sales to Competitors!

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Are YOU frustrated BY negative reviews THAT DRIVE customers AWAY FROM YOUR BUSINESS?

Businesses rightly worry about bad reviews and low star ratings. You know it quickly hurts your bottom line. When your online brand credibility vanishes, traffic drops due to bad ratings and no there’s google search visibility for your business, it can be scary!
Potential customers instead find your competitors.

This can be fixed! Most of us have been there before, and just want to regain control and thrive again. It’s possible for your business to restore customer trust and confidence in no time! Next, enjoy a rapid increase in positive ratings and grab back your traffic from competitors.
They haven’t yet discovered the power of a Better Online Reputation.

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Why ARE MORE STARS your secret weapon?

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Amplify Sales

A 1-Star shift in star rating can affect your bottom line by up to 9%.
Top-seller products average 4.5 rating.
It boosts traffic which leads to more sales!

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Convert More Leads

Consumers love online reviews! They use them daily to gain insight on everything from Amazon products to accountants, doctors, restaurants, and car dealerships.

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Build Trust

Satisfied customers love sharing positive “word of mouth” to potential customers.
70% of consumers need to read at least 4 reviews before trusting a business.

It's costly to ignore reviews & ratings... yet Easy to protect your business

Whether or not you like to use online reviews personally… your customers do every time. Your marketing plan should include online reviews & ratings.

“Knowing customers are reading reviews or judging our ratings pushes everyone in our company to lift their game!”

Reviews give consumers insight into everything from Amazon products to accountants, doctors, restaurants and car dealerships. Almost all consumers, who use online reviews, read them early in the buying process.

“You simply won’t hear from customers who chose a competitor. The competitor’s online reputation was better.”

Join businesses around the world using this foolproof, low cost, zero risk, automated friend of your business!

Which business would you call?

Which business would you call?

Full-Featured Review Management

What's Included?

Custom-branded email/sms invites auto-deploy to past customers perfectly timed to maximize the Google search algorithm. Instant review invites to new customers with custom integrations.

Our Easy To Use review widget allows customers to give you 5-stars on all of the top review sites with a single click. Customers are 68% more likely to review using the Better Online Reputation system.

By increasing reviews, google has more info and reason to rank your site higher for top keywords when customers are searching for your industry. With a Better Online Reputation they are more likely to trust you and click or call.

Better Online Reputation works like a 24/7 salesperson to build and manage your business reputation on autopilot. We automatically request customers for a reviews . You can hold any negative reviews and can instantly notified BEFORE it gets posted.

Only a fraction of cost of other options.

Deal with negative reviews before they go online.

Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp and hundreds more.

Unlock proven scripts to respond to reviews with little known Power Words that Google loves.
Turn negative reviews around to still impress people who read the short conversation.


Simple Process TO Start

1. Buy a Subscription

2. Setup Your Automation Account

3. Enjoy Top Stars and Great Reviews

We back this with our No-Brainer ...

Complete 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Guarantee Review Subscription

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

You can keep ALL reviews generated in that time.

For every subscription, if for any reason you are unsatisfied, we’ll gladly give your money back.

Our team is ready to help and we’d love to work with you to make it right and keep you happy. Otherwise – we’ll gladly give a full refund.

This applies to ALL customers on subscription plans.

Simple Monthly Subscription

No Contracts - Renew ONLY if you want!

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with dozens of review websites and services to ensure that your business is represented everywhere your customers are searching.

Easy to Setup Automation

Simply add your business name, category and address into the system

The system will automatically pull in review sites where you and your competitors are listed on.

The system will then send automated drip campaigns out to customers prompting them to review your business

Our automated software connects with your customers, getting reviews and ratings from about 40% of everyone entered

Our software can work with over 1500 POS systems, Quickbooks etc to automatically send your customers a link to review your business.

We set up everything for you.  You will be able to log into a portal and see your daily stats.


Google favours more and better reviews and ratings. Keywords from customer reviews can help your rank high on search engines (SEO)​ for new and more keywords than you currently are.

Future customers can see reviews and be convinced by online word-of-mouth to trust and engage your business rather than competitors.

Our Better Online Reputation system detects if the customer rating is low and offers the option to leave feedback to help you resolve their issue. This helps you respond to and assist customers who will naturally give 4-5-star reviews for well deserved service/products.

The more 4-5 star reviews you get will help to bury the impact of or reduce the effect of the occasional unhappy customer’s low rating. Your overall star rating will increase and be protected.
Both Google and people love higher ratings and great reviews.

Better Online Reputation system will detect your top competitors and automatically direct reviews to the sites where you need it most. You can see your competitors in your dashboard and reports and adjust your strategy if needed. By knowing your competition you can gain advantage.

Our Better Online Reputation system integrates with over 750 existing applications for total review automation.
e.g. Quickbooks, Salesforce, Mailchimp and more.